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News Release | 17 January 2012
Urinary Proteome Analysis enables personalized medicine

Diabetes mellitus affects almost 10% of the European population. The number of patients has increased significantly within the last years and the expenditure on patients with diabetes accounts for 15% of the European health care budget expenditure. Most patients suffer from type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, decreasing age at diagnosis and prolonged duration of diabetes contribute to an increased development of diabetic complications. Diabetic nephropathy is one of the major complications. In progress of disease, glomerular filtration rate reduces gradually over a period of months or years. This eventually leads to end-stage renal disease requiring renal replacement therapy i.e. dialysis and/or kidney transplantation.

PRIORITY is a European research project that started on 1 January 2012 aiming at the early identification of patients at risk for subsequent preventive therapy and analysis of its effects.

Dr Peter Rossing from Steno Diabetes Center near Copenhagen is coordinator of PRIORITY. Other participants are mosaiques diagnostics, Glasgow University, University Hospital Zürich and Hannover Clinical Trial Center.

Urinary proteome analysis is an innovative technology approach having demonstrated its high accuracy and reliability in more than 40 clinical trials so far. After identification of patients at risk, the project aims at showing positive effects of treatment with aldosterone blockade on top of standard therapy.

3280 type 2 diabetic patients will be included in this project. About 20% are at-risk patients and will be assigned to aldosterone blocker. Patients who are classified as being at low risk for progression to diabetic nephropathy will continue to receive usual care. “Our objective is to show the significant benefit the specific therapy provides for affected patients”, says Professor Harald Mischak from mosaiques diagnostics.



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